In case you want to track what is happening in your desktop, you can use landingai.image_source.Screenshot to capture screenshots of your desktop.

In the example below, we capture the first 20 frames, and save them to a video file.

from landingai.pipeline.image_source import Screenshot
from landingai.pipeline.frameset import FrameSet
import time

frameset = FrameSet() # (1)!
with Screenshot() as screenshots: # (2)!
    for i, frame in enumerate(screenshots): # (3)!
        if i >= 20:
        frame.resize(width=512) # (4)!
        frameset.append(frame) # (5)!
        time.sleep(0.5) # (6)!
frameset.save_video("/tmp/resized-video.mp4") # (7)!
  1. Creates an empty FrameSet, where we will store the modified frames
  2. Build the screenshot capture object
  3. Iterate over each frame captured from the desktop
  4. Resize the frame to width=512px (keeping aspect ratio)
  5. Append the resized frame to the FrameSet
  6. Wait for 0.5 seconds before capturing the next frame
  7. Save the resized video to /tmp/resized-video.mp4.