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We've provided some examples in Jupyter Notebooks to focus on ease of use, and some examples in Python apps to provide a more robust and complete experience.

If you have a cool app that uses the LandingAI SDK and you would like to have it featured here, please let us know.

Example Description Type
Poker Card Suit Identification This notebook shows how to use an object detection model from LandingLens to detect suits on playing cards. A webcam is used to take photos of playing cards. Jupyter Notebook Colab
Door Monitoring for Home Automation This notebook shows how to use an object detection model from LandingLens to detect whether a door is open or closed. An RTSP camera is used to acquire images. Jupyter Notebook Colab
Satellite Images and Post-Processing This notebook shows how to use a Visual Prompting model from LandingLens to identify different objects in satellite images. The notebook includes post-processing scripts that calculate the percentage of ground cover that each object takes up. Jupyter Notebook Colab
License Plate Detection and Recognition This notebook shows how to extract frames from a video file and use a object detection model and OCR from LandingLens to identify and recognize different license plates. Jupyter Notebook Colab
Streaming Video This application shows how to continuously run inference on images extracted from a streaming RTSP video camera feed. Python application

Run Examples Locally

All the examples in this repo can be run locally.

To give you some guidance, here's how you can run the rtsp-capture example locally in a shell environment:

  1. Clone the repo to local:
    git clone
  2. Install the library (to see how to install poetry, go here):
    poetry install --with examples
  3. Activate the virtual environment:
    poetry shell
  4. Run: python landingai-python/examples/capture-service/
    python landingai-python/examples/capture-service/